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Ruben de la Fuente, Director of Latinos DownUnder offers Sales and Marketing, Consultation and Representation. 

Latinos DownUnder speaks English and Spanish, Uruguayan born, living in Sydney, Australia from a young age.

With over 25 year’s experience in Travel and Tourism, Ruben has gained the experience and key contacts within the travel & tourism industry to connect the South Pacific region with Latin America. 

Ruben de la Fuente, director of Latinos DownUnder started his tourism career in Sydney, Australia with a world renowned Tour operator selling both outbound and inbound travel. Ruben has the experience and knowledge within the tourism industry to connect, take leadership, develop and promote high quality, unique products to the Latin American market. 

Sharing the amazing experiences that Australia and the South Pacific Islands has to offer, is essential in representing my clients. 

What we offer to our clients

Consulting and Representation - Latinos DownUnder is offering consulting and representation in Australia and overseas. Over the years I have established extensive networking opportunities and key contacts within the Tourism Industry that translate into positive consultation and representation to clients.

Sales and Marketing – Latinos DownUnder offers sales and marketing. Ruben can assist with website translations, hosting familiarisations, Luxury segment, leisure travellers, business travellers, escorting journalists, sporting and student/youth groups.

Goals and Target – Creating awareness about Latin America with Australia, New Zealand and theSouth Pacific Islands - grow visitor numbers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the amazing South Pacific Islands by educating our overseas agents and working together with the Tourism Industry. 

Outbound Representation – Australians are discovering Central and South America. With favourable $AUD more Australians are travelling to places such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile.

Latinos DownUnder travels to Latin America every year, please contact Ruben de la Fuente for more details.